If you’re at this stage, you must already have a firm desire to start your own Samba Soccer Schools franchise, letting you open a new business through proven systems we’ve developed and perfected for over ten years.

Many people dream about running their own business, but the complexities, risks, hard work and time needed put a lot of people off. Franchising allows you to hurdle those problematic early stages by using a trusted brand as a springboard to launch from. You don’t need to establish your name as we’re already a market leader, while our unparalleled level of support can lead you through the entire process until you’re ready to take the reins yourself fully.

Investment is one of the most crucial franchising aspects, so we’ve compiled the necessary information here.

How much is the initial investment and what does it cover?

Offering new franchises the best possible chance of success is essential. Our franchise package covers the use of our name and brand, while also granting access to the Samba Soccer Schools family, where we work together to develop and expand as one. We only succeed if everybody succeeds - we’re not selling name rights only to disappear, never to be heard from again.

A detailed breakdown of our comprehensive support program can be found here. That initial investment may come at the start, but it is an outlay you’ll be reaping the rewards from for many years to come.

We provide an unprecedented mapping system that gives a detailed analysis of your chosen territory using the 2021 census, helping you to calculate membership costs based on the average household income and our competitor research. Our package also includes a proven marketing start-up system that lets you avoid the traditional hours of research and get started from day 1 - along with financial planning, where we’ll work with you to set out a realistic yet aggressive business strategy.

We’ve spent years developing our bespoke CRM software explicitly designed for Samba Soccer Schools. While this does come at an additional monthly cost, it’s a piece of kit that will dramatically lower your administration time, leaving more time to focus on boosting your financial earnings.

We’ll also train you in customer service issues and methods and invite you for a detailed crash course in delivering our footballing methodology. It also includes opportunities to participate in actual classes to see how everything works.

Lastly, we offer an extensive consultancy support system from day 1 for as long as you need it, which includes assistance in day to day running of the business and anything else that might arise. We stagger this support system, meaning more help at the start, but gradually we begin to step back, allowing you to become more and more autonomous.

As you can see, this is an investment of £5,999 that isn’t simply a lump sum to gain a name and trademark. This is your entry into the Samba Soccer world, where countless franchises, supported by one, another are thriving and together we’re revolutionising football coaching.

What are the service management costs involved?

Our service management rate is 10%. Keeping these costs as low as possible is vital for economic growth. We want you to grow and thrive without feeling like you have a boot on your neck.

How much do I need as an operating budget to start with?

While there are enormous differences around the country regarding costs, we recommend a £2,000 to £3,000 monthly operating budget. This allows you to maintain the same high standards that Samba Soccer Schools has come to represent.

How can I raise the investment needed?

We’re often asked about investment raising, and you can be sure we’ll work with you as much as we can to make it happen. Although most people have some savings and can readily invest, others may borrow from friends and family to avoid interest rates from banks.

Alternatively, we can help you secure the initial investment through the government start-up scheme, which is paid back over 1-5 years - allowing your business to become profitable, while you repay the grant in the same period.

How muchcan I make through a Samba Soccer Schools franchise?

A question we always get. Before we look at some numbers, we need to emphasise that no business is guaranteed success, even with the backing of a proven company like Samba Soccer Schools. Establishing and building a successful franchise takes plenty of hard work and doesn’t happen overnight - we’re just providing you with all the necessary tools and knowledge. What you make of it is up to you.

Assumptions (50% gross margin (direct costs/ 50% net profit (indirect costs). In year 2, the net profit margin should be 30%.

Year 1: 8 classes/ 4 venues with 120 students at a revenue of £62k (gross income of £31k) - net income of £15,500.

Year 2: 16 classes/6 venues with 480 students at a revenue of £247k (gross income of £123,811) - net income of £86,667.

As you might imagine, things can really scale up from there, and we’re seeing that already with our most successful franchises.

Are you ready?

So if you’ve come through all the nitty-gritty finance stuff and still feel confident that franchising with Samba Soccer Schools is right for you, let’s get going. Fill in the form below to signal your interest, and we’ll have someone in touch within 48 hours to talk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.